Climacool Jawpaw Lace, UTILITY BLACK/BLACK/SILVER MET, large

Climacool Jawpaw Lace



This heavy-duty lace-up water shoe climbs and grabs wet, rocky surfaces with the unbeatable grip of a Stealth® rubber drainage outsole. The breathable upper is fit with a comfortable EVA tongue.

Activity: Water Sports
  • Material: TEXTILE
  • Benefit: Stealth
  • Weight: 7.9 Ounces


Upper: Open mesh nylon for best breathability and quick drying. Upper: Asymmetrical heel loop for easy attachment to a Harness or Backpack. Midsole: adidas Drainage System (a. D. S. ) for maximum water drainage. Outsole: Water specific Outsole featuring STEALTH® rubber for unbeatable grip. .


  • STEALTH rubber creates extremely high friction due to its fine balance of viscosity and elasticity, meaning it flows into microporous cavities on all surfaces. This enhances your grip as the rubber is penetrating more of the surface thus creating a better bond. Learn More