Cody Tuttle
Cody Tuttle
Athletes: Grassroots

Cody Tuttle

Born: July 2nd, 1987
Hometown: Port Huron, MI
Living: Bishop, CA
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 180lbs
Began Focus: 2007

Cody Tuttle is a well established adventure photographer and all around adventure athlete. Traveling the world in search of adventure not only to push him self as an athlete but documenting the inspirational landscapes and adventurers around him, whether its scaling big walls, skiing in the back country, or combining all of the above with his passion for free flight is always on a quest to capture these moments in a way that will push others follow their passions. As an adventure athlete and photographer, Cody Tuttle will always venture past the end of the trail. He seeks those who’s need for adventure and something real outweighs the normal comforts of life. Those who would rather ski fresh powder every day and live in their car over the American dream of life in suburbia. Home has become an idea rather than a place. Living out of a Sprinter van with his wife and dog, he has embraced the simple life. Cody combines ultralight cinematography equipment with his esteemed devotion for the outdoors to take viewers on a visual journey many would never experience otherwise. Cody’s passion to combine travel with his craft has taken him from the rugged hills of Haiti to the serene yet merciless mountains of the Himalaya to capture moments of extreme athleticism, indescribable beauty and raw emotion. His good nature and flexibility allows him to maneuver through a chaotic yet incredibly rewarding pursuit of creating stories that will capture the imagination and inspire discovery.