Michaela Kiersch
Michaela Kiersch
Athletes: Grassroots

Michaela Kiersch

Born: December 13, 1994
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Living: Chicago, IL
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 115 lbs
Began Climbing: 2002

I am currently a 22 year old student, youth climbing coach, and professional climber. I am in my senior year at DePaul University as a Bioscience major with hopes to go to graduate school in the future. When I am not studying, I am coaching a competitive climbing team for kids (ages 5-19). The rest of my time and energy is dedicated to my own climbing, both as a competitor and an outdoor climber. I started climbing when I was 7 years old and instantly fell in love with this movement based sport. I think that the part of climbing I am most drawn to is the idea that there will always be something harder, something undone. I am extremely competitive by nature and the fact that there are endless challenges in climbing excites me.


Pure Imagination 5.14c

Lucifer 5.14c

Golden Ticket (FFA) 5.14c

US National Champion bouldering (youth)

US National Champion lead (youth)

5th Youth World Championships Sydney, AUS