Terrex Lite Down Hooded Jacket, Red Night, large

Terrex Lite Down Hooded Jacket



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HyperDRY water repellent down insulation is warm even in the rain or snow. CONEXTBAFFLEs have no stitch or bond, which make them better for wind and water repellency, and a clean look. Two hand pockets with zip.

Activity: Hiking Winter Sports
  • Material: 100% POLYESTER
  • Benefit: Warm


HyperDRY Down: water repellent down. CONEXTBAFFLES: Material with no stitch or bond, better for wind and water repellency. TWO HAND POCKETS: with zip.


  • The HyperDRY¬ô, by Allied Feather, is a natural wax-based compound works the same way traditional DWR chemicals do by building a carbon-hydrogen chain on the down cluster to decrease the surface tension which ultimately causes water to bead and roll off. The difference is that wax, as a material, is not fluorinated. The fluoridation of the carbon-hydrogen chains in previously used DWR treatments is what gives these chemicals an extremely long held-life making them almost impossible to break down wreaking havoc on the ecosystem in our waterways. Currently HyperDRY¬ô tests over 80% longer than other water resistant down on the market in industry standard DWR shake test. Tested for PFOA and PFOS.
  • Climaheat Power Insulation represents the next level of lightweight down products in terms of warmth to weight and packability sourced in a responsible way.