Terrex Skyclimb Top, Green Earth, large

Terrex Skyclimb Top



Technology comes to the rescue in this lightweight top featuring the moisture transport properties of Pertex Equilibrium and the ultralightweight Polartec Alpha insulation. When you throw in Polartec Power Dry to maintain next-to-skin comfort the Terrex Skyclimb Top delivers a body-mapped solution to the question of how to stay warm at the peak of performance.

Activity: Hiking Winter Sports
  • Material: 91% Polyester/9% Elastic Polarfleece
  • Benefit: ForMotion
  • Weight: 6.8 Ounces


Formotion™ provides the ultimate performance and comfort while in motion. PERTEX® EQUILIBRIUM provides moisture is transported away from the skin to the outside of the fabric where it evaporates. POLARTEC® ALPHA provides warmth without weight, breathable and insulates when wet. POLARTEC® POWER DRY keeps your skin dry when sweating, dries quickly and acts comfortable next to skin. Hybrid construction combining the advantages of different performance fabrics in respective body zones. Fabric: 91% Polyester/9% Elastic Polar fleece.


  • Polartec Alpha® was developed to solve the issues surrounding inconsistent breathability and overheating of insulation during highly aerobic activities. The highly stable insulation allows for the use of more open and breathable fabrics on the outer and inner layers, while still providing active warmth and comfort in dynamic activities in cold, wet, and windy weather.
  • Polartec® Power Dry® combines a hard face and grid fleece backing to maximize performance by mechanically wicking sweat and vapor off your skin, and directly transferring it to the outer surface where it spreads for superior drying times. Developed to deliver base fabrics with greater efficiency, and eliminate the problems of saturated and reduced performance characteristics of many synthetic and natural fibers.
  • The premier fabric for outdoor use.
  • Formotion™ Footwear adjusts to the ground to give your foot a smoother,more natural strike with every step. At any angle of touchdown, a pair of horizontally sliding plates in the midsole begin to slow horizontal forces that are created the moment your foot touches the ground. Learn More
  • This garment is constructucted partially with elastic yarns to improve fit and movement.